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Tarsem Singh Moranwali Sikh Di Kirpan Free Download

Sikh Di Kirpan Tarsem Singh Moranwali – Download free shabad of Tarsem Singh Moranwali. Sikh Di Kirpan Tarsem Singh Moranwali Download free Religious Album. Download Free Gurubani.

Artist : Gyani Tarsem Singh Moranwali
Album : Sikh Di Kirpan
Tracks : 3
Released : 2010
Label : Unknown
Tag : Shabad Gurbani

Track List 
  1. Sikh Di Kirpan Part 1 – Gyani Tarsem Singh Moranwali
  2. Sikh Di Kirpan Part 2 – Gyani Tarsem Singh Moranwali
  3. Sikh Di Kirpan Part 3 – Gyani Tarsem Singh Moranwali
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