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Pakistan vs Canada Kabaddi World Cup Semi Final 18 November 2011

Pakistan vs Canada Kabaddi World Cup 2011 2nd Semi Final on 18 November 2011 At Bhatinda Pakistan, Pakistan Is Runerup Of 1st Kabadi World Cup 2010, Pakistan Team Won 5 League Matches And On Top Of Group A After Getting 10 Points In 6 League Matches, Second Semi Final Played Between Pakistan and Canada Kabaddi Teams On 18th November 2011, Canada Team Qualify For The 2nd Kabaddi World Cup 2011 he Earn 10 Points In 2nd Circle Style Pearl kabbadi World Cup 2011, Canada Team runerup In Pool A And Pakistann Team Top Of Pool B, So Both Pakistan and Canada Qualify For The Second Semi-Final Which Is Played At Indian Punjab City Bhatinda On Friday 18/11/2011.

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Pakistan Team Performance in Kabaddi World Cup 2011
Date Match Result
3 November Pakistan v USA USA Won by 43-39
5 November Pakistan v Srilanka Pakistan Won by 71-08
7 November Pakistan v Italy Pakistan Won by 48-34
9 November Pakistan v Argentina Pakistan Won By 82-11
11 November Pakistan v Norway Pakistan Won By 67-15
16 November Pakistan v Spain Pakistan Won By 62-14
Canada Team Performance in Kabaddi World Cup 2011
Date Match Result
2 November Canada v Afghanistan Canada Won By 63-15
4 November Canada v Australia Canada Won By 51-39
6 November Canada v England Canada Won By 42-34
10 November Canada v India India Won By 49-23
12 November Canada v Nepal Canada Won By 64-22
15 November Canada v Germany Canada Won By 58-19

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Semi Final Kabaddi Cup 2011



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