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Awall Allah Noor Upaya Bhai Balvinder Singh Rangila(Chandigarh Wale) 2012

Awal Allah Noor Upaiya – Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila (Chandigarh Wale)

Album : Awall Allah Noor Upaya
Ragi: Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila (Chandigarh Wale)
Shabad Tracks : 2

01. Awal Allah Noor Upaiya

02. Khaak Noor Kardang

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“Awal Allah Noor Upaiya” Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1349

Read English translation here:


First, Allah created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings.

From the One Light, the entire universe welled up. So who is good, and who is bad? ||1||

O people, O Siblings of Destiny, do not wander deluded by doubt.

The Creation is in the Creator, and the Creator is in the Creation, totally pervading and permeating all places. ||1||Pause||

The clay is the same, but the Fashioner has fashioned it in various ways.

There is nothing wrong with the pot of clay – there is nothing wrong with the Potter. ||2||

The One True Lord abides in all; by His making, everything is made.

Whoever realizes the Hukam of His Command, knows the One Lord. He alone is said to be the Lord’s slave. ||3||

The Lord Allah is Unseen; He cannot be seen. The Guru has blessed me with this sweet molasses.

Says Kabeer, my anxiety and fear have been taken away; I see the Immaculate Lord pervading everywhere. ||4||3||

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