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Mool Mantra – First Hymn By Guru Nanak Dev ji – Wallpaper

Mool Mantra, the first composition by shri Guru Nanak Dev ji who tries to encapsulate the Ultimate reality in it. Each words of the Mool Mantar has a spiritual meaning as EK ONG KAR means ‘one god’ SAT NAM means ‘true name’ KARTA PURKH means ‘the creator’ NIRBHOR means ‘without fear’ NIRVAIR means ‘without hated’ AKAL MOORT means ‘timeless’ AJUNI SAI BHANG means ‘self existence’ GUR PARSAD means ‘made by god’.
Mool Mantra - First Hymn By Guru Nanak Dev ji
The Wallpaper of Mool Mantra is Designed By “Manjit Singh Gill” and All Credit goes to www.gillzlive.com

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