12:09 am - Friday August 23, 2019

Operation Bluestar: Remembrance and Reflection (NSYF) Video

The #10DaysofTerror is a media campaign utilising both social and physical media to create mass awareness about Operation Blue Star; the Indian Army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) in 1984. The name of the campaign itself educates of the fact that the military action commenced on the 1st and ended on the 10th.

The campaign started on the 1st June 2012 and concluded on the 10th of June, with NSYF uploading one picture everyday at 0700 GMT via twitter telling the story of June 1984 by recreating the major events of each day with a historic newsfeed.

If you missed the campaign please visit; http://www.NSYF.org.uk

Slowly with research and initiatives like #10DaysofTerror we can challenge the unfounded allegations and falsehoods circulated in 1984. We thank everyone who supported the campaign, and urge everyone to learn more about a very significant and recent part of Sikh Political History. One small step is to read this brief fact sheet which provides a general overview; http://www.nsyf.org.uk/june84.pdf


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