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Preet Singh – Sikh Sardar Full Mp3 Song – Available on iTunes

SIKH SARDAR By Preet Singh ”FULL SONG’ – Available on iTunes & other leading digital stores

Buy it, Like it Or Share it, ONLY if you believe in ONE GOD & you’re proud of your faith; if not…just download it for free/ just ignore it.

Note: This particular track is only for those who talk (sing) about Guru’s Sikkhi & their sacrifices (Shahadat/Qurbani) but never dare to keep Guru’s precious gifts.

We have no right to judge others because if we do, we make ourselves Rabb (God). Every person whether he/she is Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian or NOT, all SINNED. The Almighty is the only judge and not us but be proud of who you are.

Dhan-Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji…The King of Kings & The Saint of Saints

DOWNLOAD the track if you really have the guts to buy it

texting ‘track ss21’ to 8018. Download it to your mobile, put an ‘m’ after the Track ID, e.g. ‘track ss21 m’
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