1:33 am - Saturday May 25, 2019

TV Channels Stopped Showing Baba Ranjit Singh Ji’s Divaans

Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji New Photo 2012Sikh channels have stopped showing baba ranjit singh. They stopped showing baba ji’s divaans after they broadcasted the ‘false allegations’. If you remember it was when a individual ‘sukhwinder singh’ claimed baba ranjit singh was responsible for his kesh being cut, which untill this day none of sukhwinder singhs allegations have been proved. They broadcasted a very one sided allegation, they kept playing sukhwinder singh and not once asked baba ranjit singh about their side.

The owner of sikh channel has approached nirvair khalsa jatha and said they would apologise to baba ranjit singh for the false allegations they broadcasted. But so far i maybe wrong no apology has been made.

However sangat tv regularly plays baba Ranjit singh’s latest divans, i recently saw two divans myself on sangat tv in the past 2 weeks. Sangat tv always show the monthly sangrand divaan that takes place at parmeshwar dawar gurdwara in Patiala.

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