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Gabru Panjab De Official Video Song – Tigerstyle from Jago (Immortal Productions)

Watch The official music video for Gabru Panjab De from Jago Album.

Vocals: Tigerstyle
Music: Tigerstyle
Lyrics: Ranbir Singh Jagatpuri
Album: Jago (Worldwide)
Album: Khalse De Jhandeh (India & Asia)
Artwork: Art of Punjab (Bhai Bachittar Singh & Mai Bhago)
Artwork: Sikhi Art (Hari Singh Nalwa, Baba Deep Singh Akali Phula Singh & Sahibzada Ajit Singh)
Immortal Productions

From the album “Jago” & forthcoming album “Khalse De Jhandeh”.

The release of ‘Jago’ comes amidst calls of a new revolution in Panjab to free us from the shackles of slavery, injustice and a leadership who no longer represents the views of the masses. ‘Jago’ explores the remarkable glories of Sikhs past and present who successfully gained justice through the only means they were forced with embracing.

‘Jago’ also touches upon many of the current issues affecting the people of Panjab and aims to awaken and inspire even more listeners into joining the sea of saffron that is currently mobilising worldwide in seeking change and justice in Panjab and India.

The album ‘Jago’ aims to take the listener back to the roots of the first ‘Shaheedi’ album, an album full of piercing and powerful lyrics coupled with heavy baselines.

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