11:08 pm - Thursday August 22, 2019

Public Reaction & Live Tweet Reviews on SADDA HAQ Movie

Here’s bringing you to get Live Public Tweet Reviews on Sadda Haq Punjabi Movie from Worldwide

“Sadda Haq” Punjabi Movie has tried to portray what the people of Punjab have gone through during late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s all about the Minorities at war, it’s the War against the System not against any particular community.

Movie was banned in India by Censor Board but it was successfully screened all over the world outside India. We personally watched the movie during the second day of screening in Sydney. Once again even second day was Houseful. After watching the movie every single person and myself had a clear review that Movie should not be banned in India, so that everyone must know the real truth. As one of the person said “We Only believed what we were told but by watching this Movie we got to know the whole truth”

Public Reaction on Sadda Haq at Canada

Public Reaction on Sadda Haq at Australia

Sadda Haq Movie Box Office Reports

Sadda Haq Movie Box Office Reports

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